Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The daily commute

Ready for my new 'daily commute'
Kettle on
Peppermint tea
Despite the rain - 
wellies and umbrella
and my painting pinny on...
 A short trip,
to the gate
and turn left
Lights on,
warm and dry (inside!)
as the rain lashes down.
I even get visitors!
Got a silly grin on my face
as I type :)

Now if you'll excuse me....
I'm off to work play now!

Love it!

#artstudio #art #painting #happy #cat


  1. It looks absolutely lovely. You appear to have thought of everything. Apart from a cat door?!

  2. Looks amazing. Well done for all that you have achieved. Lucky lady xx

  3. I absolutely love your work space! I've been meaning to email for ages, sorry it has taken me so long. We couldn't wait for Christmas so gave my parents their Chappie Slate as soon as we got home from U.K. Wish I had pics to share, they were blown away and so very happy. They are heading home soon to hang it in a place of honor. Thank you SO MUCH for the lovely painting.

  4. Love, love, love it. All that space & "light". A great place to work & as I said before, so envious. Bubs is in a very dark area of house & is quite a gloomy place to work. Anyway, bet you get so much done now. Take care.

  5. I can hear a happy grin on your face xxx


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