Monday, 9 April 2018

Have paintbrush will paint!

So .... with a shuffle of my feet ... what have I been up to?

Well quite a lot and quite a lot of nothing.

But with the sun comes inspiration and motivation.
And with deadlines comes effort.

At the end of the month I am part of a mini 'secret' open studios,
in May I am exhibiting at a fayre,
June (...well... I'll explain that later)
August I am displaying and selling at a large agricultural show
and in October is TAM2018.

So, got to get my paintbrushes busy.

Oh, let me explain about June ...

For the last three years I have taken part of 30 Days Wild run by the Wildlife Trust
They ask you to post a story a day about the wild life around you.

This year I shall be participating again however with a twist.

I shall be posting an animal painting a day, 
each one will be for sale and at the end of the month 
I shall be sending a percentage of the total sales to the Wildlife Trust.

Each daily post will have a short story related to the painting, 
including the price and the cost of postage and packaging.

Part of me is excited by the adventure 
and most of me is wondering what on earth I have let myself into! 

I will also be sharing the posts on my arty facebook page - kjsutcliffe artist 


  1. Great. I will look into all that - when I am better!

  2. That sounds like quite a commitment for June, but one that you will handle with ease! Lovely to see what you are planning for the coming months.
    Sorry I have been AWOL, too much to do in the garden and not enough hours left for the computer :)

  3. that's a lot of work, will look forward to seeing more animal paintings. Good luck with all your ventures.

  4. I'm looking forward to your June works & hope you can do a little blog post about it too. So much to do over the coming months, so hope you can approach it with much energy & care. Huggles.


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