Thursday, 24 May 2018


Things not to say to a self employed artist or crafts person...

So........ You don't have a job?
Erm, well actually I do - I am a self employed artist

So....... you are not working then?
NOoo! - I am working - I work for myself 

It must be so lovely not having to work and stay at home
I am at home BECAUSE that is where I work

Are you in? I've not much to do, thought I would pop in for a chat
I am in......
I have lots to do..... really.working.really.

Hi, saw you were in the studio, is kettle on? Got some really interesting news to tell you
Feigns smile, grits teeth ... great!

I love your work, really do - I think my aunt/uncle/husband/brother etc would love it for his/her birthday/anniversary  (whatever) - but I could get it cheaper from X - can you give me a better price?
Errrrr No!

I'd love to buy that piece of work but sorry I forget to bring enough cash - do you take cards?
Sorry no I don't
I'd love to buy that piece of work but sorry I forget to bring enough cash
Not to worry, I take  can take card payments now
No thanks, I don't think I have enough wall space now
Sorry? then why did you ask in the first place??

Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball! (wag wag and hopeful huff)
Not now Moss, hang a mo' just need to put a layer varnish on this slate

Can I play in the garden now please? (prrr prrr)
Erm - Pepper, please love get off my painting...

Can I sit on your lap? (face pat and nose bump)
Erm Pepper, not now,  could you please get off my workbench!

Can you feed me now? (yowl meow meow)
PEPPER! gah - Ok ok  you win... let's go in.

All of these plus a few more variations on a theme have been said to me over the last year... The last two 'conversations' courtesy of Moss and Pepper will probably continue...


  1. Once people know you are in they descend. So difficult. I feel like a sin eater somedays and therapist on another. Then there are the ones who get free art classes.... I have spent 69 years trying to say the word NO. And still cant. x As regards selling anything, well....Dont set me off.

  2. When I stopped laughing (at Pepper and Moss, not you, of course!) I remembered all the same things being said to me when I was 'quilting for hire', ie: working at home.

    The worst was a friend who would regularly phone at 10.00am and want to talk for hours, even if I had seen/spoken to her a couple of days earlier. Answering her would completely sabotage my mornings so in the end I started ignoring the calls. My excuse was either "I was out with Ollie" or "I was sewing and didn't hear the phone over the machine noise".

  3. people just don't get it,do they...cats never will!

  4. I've had some of those same comments when I quilted for other people & it's hard to get the message across sometimes. Hang in there because you are so talented. Take care & huggles.


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