Monday, 23 July 2018

So... what's happening in my studio today?

I realise that I have not posted on here for quite some time - unintentional - just busy and I post my work on other platforms so this little blog gets forgotten.

I was lucky enough to be taken to see a lovely exhibition of hand made books and was totally inspired.

So I made one .....
then I made another ....

I am now planning a third..... I may have been hooked....


  1. Daft question but what do you then do with them? Or even a dafter question are they 'just' works of art? They look fabulous. Never come across this before.

  2. How beautiful, you are so talented.
    Will you be able to bear to part with these little gems and sell them or will they become part of your personal collection?

  3. Jayne my sweet, their initial creation was just for fun, but I have been asked to make them for folk - so - will see where it takes me :)

  4. I can imagine an unfolding scene - soft hills rolling away as you open each beautiful little page,a dry stone wall, bees, a hare or fox in the distance? Me thinks they would do well at your fairs, just need a way to display them so they're not handled too much.

  5. They are lovely. Look forward to seeing them properly. xx


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