Friday, 28 April 2017

Happy Friday!

The sun is positively beating down
 (in a gentle spring like way)
 and it has really boosted all our moods in the 'studio' today.

The cats are soaking up the rays, 
the dog is snoring and I have started some new sketches - see - everyone is happy :)

So what is on my desk today?

A couple of hares - designs for cards.
A mule ewe.
A sun worshipping cat.

Have a lovely weekend (a bank holiday weekend here in the UK),
hope the sun shines for you too.


  1. Love the earring wearing sheep. Cards look promising. xx

  2. I love hares so the cards would be just up my street. The cat looks just like my grandkitty!

  3. I love the earring wearing sheep! xxx

  4. I like the mule ewe with her earrings! You're one talented lady


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