Monday, 8 May 2017

Following a process


Selecting the slate
Checking for fractures and flakes

 Drawing out guidelines
Initial sketches
Getting the client's approval
Base coat - white, following the muscle lines... 
Following the lines of the fur
Allowing to dry
The first of many coloured layers
Each one tracing the line of the muscle
the line of the fur ....
Layers and layers
Each forming more and more structure
The cat starts to 'appear' 
Then the eyes,
the eyes have to be correct.
If they are not - there is no point going on.

You may have noticed the cat's left paw has moved.
They do that, cats, they move until they are comfortable.
They do that on slate too.
In fact most of my painted animals move half way through,
they want to be more comfortable.
I have to go with that.


  1. Fascinating to see the progress. Mostly self taught I paint in totally different way!


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