Friday, 3 November 2017

Going a little (happily) nuts

From the windows of my studio,
I overlook a bird table.

I keep a list of the birds that visit 
and they tend to be the normal garden birds
(not that I am complaining!)
However, when a nuthatch
graced my garden
I did a little dance of joy
Which, of course made it fly off.
Silly me.
Any hoo, the temptation of food
made it return,
and return and return and return.

Often enough to take photos
for me to paint. 
Happy happy x 

Just need finish it,
get it mounted,
then it is ready for it's forever home :)


  1. Do you contribute to the BTO garden bird watch?

  2. Nuthatches are wonderful. Yesterday there were two here after many months without seeing them. Such lovely birds.


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