Sunday, 19 November 2017

Painting not painting

Continuing on my quest to practice my rusty landscapes,
I started another one.
I chose a field system above Malham,
to make me concentrate
on stone walls and grasses 
However, after a rather damp and dreary autumn,
the summerhouse developed rather wet corner.
So, after a quick shuffle of the desk and workbench
and an intense investigation to find the offending weak point,
all potential rain ingress has been halted!

But painting tomorrow might be at home rather than in the studio.

Hope your Monday
is a little less damp that mine!!


  1. We had a knot hole that was letting in water. Filled with wood filler and painted over with the repelling outdoor paint for sheds its worked ever since. Also care had to be taken with putting up bee shelters etc. The landscape painting looks good. I love the stone walls, called dykes up here. Which confused me totally at first as to me a dyke is water not stone.

  2. Hope all problems with water have been corrected! Your painting is beautiful!

  3. It's sunny today so hopefully you can sort your studio out. Water is so naughty at times.


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