Tuesday, 19 September 2017

It came out of the blue!

Having painted a blue and choppy sea - it was missing 'something'. 
So, what should swoop into view?
A cormorant
of course....

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dreaming of the sea

At the end of the world the sea meets the sky,
there's  small strip of land where the mermaids lie.
Where they chit and they chat,
or play and have fun,
and top up their tan in the midday sun.
(thanks to the poet Wayne Mac, tap on his name for the full poem)

Not had my dose of coastal air...
and missing the sea...
So got out the brushes, 
and made one - just for me.
I loved it so much,
another soon followed.

Although not finished - it gives me
that same hit of blue.

#art #seascape #acrylic #painting

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The daily commute

Ready for my new 'daily commute'
Kettle on
Peppermint tea
Despite the rain - 
wellies and umbrella
and my painting pinny on...
 A short trip,
to the gate
and turn left
Lights on,
warm and dry (inside!)
as the rain lashes down.
I even get visitors!
Got a silly grin on my face
as I type :)

Now if you'll excuse me....
I'm off to work play now!

Love it!

#artstudio #art #painting #happy #cat

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My blue sky

Black splodges in my hair,
blue on the floor,
white on the cat's foot
could we cover any more?
Dog's hair in the white paint,
cat prints on the floor,
blue paint under my nails,
could we cover any more?
Black drips on the plants,
out side the studio walls,
black drips on my apron,
could we cover any more?
white splatters on my glasses,
white splatters on his,
white splatters on the wood work,
could we cover any more?
Not enough blue paint
on the ceiling
We've not got enough blue
we definitely need to cover more!
Pots of paint on the table,
pots of paint on the floor,
pots of paint running empty,
we need to cover more!

With apologies for dodgy rhyming - it sort of started as a sentence and developed.... 
so, off to get more white paint as the first coat looks a little patchy.

But - in honour of my love of the 'big sky'
we have clouds....
Not finished yet,
more to come.

Between this and TAM, my art has faltered a bit,
need to get back to it as soon as I can as I am getting withdrawal symptoms.

Just got to get through this week with all the commitments I have 
then hopefully, hopefully,
I shall lift my paintbrush
beneath 'my' sky.
And paint.

#painting #art #bluesky #TAM